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Monday, August 14, 2017

White People, We Let This Happen

Hello, fellow white people. Feeling a bit discombobulated today? Wondering what happened in Charlottesville over the weekend? Asking yourself how it got to this point? Signing petitions and sharing memes to soothe your broken heart? 

Guess what? We let this happen. Last November, we could have voted for the most qualified presidential candidate in modern history, but we didn't, did we? No, we most certainly did not. Some white liberals wrote in Bernie Sanders because HER EMAILS, some white liberals voted for Jill Fucking Stein because GOLDMAN SACHS, some white liberals stayed home and pouted, and the rest of us voted for Hillary Clinton. It wasn't enough. Hillary won the popular vote, but we wound up with Donald Trump as POTUS. 

Of course, we've been letting this happen for decades, this being dumping the fight at the feet of the victims. We expect people of color to change the system, while we sign our petitions and share our memes. We expect the men and women who have endured so much pain, bloodshed, hate, violence, and loss, to fight this battle. It's not their fight, it's ours. Black people did not beat the living shit out of Deandre Harris, white people did that. Black people did not drive a Dodge Charger through a crowd of counter-protesters, injuring dozens, and killing Heather Heyer, a white guy did that. And not just a white guy; an actual, 100% bonafide Nazi. 

Black people did not descend on Charlottesville armed with tiki torches, decked out in polo shirts and khakis, screaming "JEWS WILL NOT REPLACE US," that was white people. And here are a few more white people who decided to let their Nazi flag fly in comment sections on Facebook under articles on Breitbart, Info Wars, and Fox:

Michael Meeks I'm just tired of the BLM movement always protesting about something and then going back to slavery, it's a confederate general, it's not a big deal for God's sake. Slavery happened in the past, that stupid movement should keep it in the past. Also, how come they don't understand that their own people sold them out? So sad the direction is that our society is moving into

Timothy Launhardt Antifa and blm started the violence.

Donald M. Dawson * it’s now been confirmed that it was indeed a Democrat Party member and Antifa terrorist drove his car into free speech advocates in Charlottesville Virginia this morning

Chris L Lindeman Trump needs to put the National Guard on the streets to deal with ANTIFA and BLM. Put the in civics prison. Take their citizenship away until they learn some manners. It isn't the responsibility of fringe right wing groups or the silent majority to police the street. ANTIFA and BLM will continue to be paid to attack Trump supporters so watch your backs.


Len Snart Our side had permits. They forced us out of Lee Park. There was no violence from us until antifa started attacking, we responded with self defence. 

I found two white men who thought reposting memes from The Daily Stormer was a great idea:

Speaking of The Daily Stormer, Andrew Anglin, evil Nazi creator and sole contributor to TDS, came up with a pretty brilliant way to make money. Thanks to Amy Siskind and her many followers, Go Daddy is dumping TDS. Anglin will no longer have a host for his Nazi website so he needs funds fast. What better way to drive traffic to a hate-filled website than to convince liberals Anonymous has hacked said website? WOOHOO yelled too many white liberals, and in their exuberance they began sharing links to The Daily Stormer as proof. Except no, it's all bullshit, Anonymous did not hack TDS, and you all just made money for an actual Nazi. I'm sure Andrew Anglin thanks you for your support.

But this is how we got here, it's what I mean when I tell you we let this happen. It took me less than 2 minutes to verify what I was already 99% sure of-Anonymous did not hack TDS. And when I proved it, people still argued with me. When I point out Hillary Clinton never murdered anyone, people argue with me. When other fact-based activists, writers, content creators, average white liberals with a double-digit IQ, call out the lies and the bias and the hyperbole, they are shouted down. Because too many white liberals are lazy as fuck.

Too many white liberals want people of color to fight this battle. Too many white liberals refuse to understand how they are complicit in everything that has happened, not just since the election, but for decades. Too many white liberals are willing to march with other white liberals, but have never been to a Black Lives Matter protest or rally. Too many white liberals whitesplain to people of color without ever listening. "I'm on your side, I have black friends, I have a BLM sign in the front yard of my 4,000-square-foot house, I give money to the NAACP, I just can't go to every rally or march; I have a job/life/family/vacation plans, but let me sign this petition from Change dot org, and pat myself on the back."

We let this happen. This is all on us, and it's all on us to fix it. We need to tell Nazis to GTFO of our cities, our schools, our government, our neighborhoods, our country. These are evil, violent people who wear a swastika while waving an American flag. They believe they have the right to preach their hate, to assault people of color, to kill, to beat, they believe they can be both a Nazi and an American.

That flag they wave beat that swastika they wear in WWII. And it's up to white people to make sure the new Nazis get beaten again. The fight belongs to us because we let this happen.

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