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Friday, August 18, 2017

Here comes the master race?

Image from Reddit

Nazis believe in, and support, many things. Genocide, eugenics, their own genetic superiority, Adolf Hitler, and the so-called master race. According to historical accounts, the "master race" was invented by Hitler. It's not actually a thing, but Nazis think it is, and again, according to history, members of this mythical race must be "blond, blue-eyed, and tall." You know, like Hitler.

In recent days, we have been introduced to a lot of Nazis. They took their tiki torches, swastikas, and Nazi flags to Charlottesville, Virginia, where these "master racers" used pipes to beat a young black man, screamed Nazi slogans while terrorizing a group of peaceful protesters, and one of them used a car as a murder weapon. Thanks to a documentary on Vice, we learned more than we ever wanted to know about these evil bastards, these Nazis who believe in Hitler's Aryan dream. 

Speaking of Aryan, did you know a growing number of scholars have determined Aryan was not an ethnic label but a social one? This means there's really no such thing as an "Aryan race." You can read more about that here. Don't tell a Nazi his (or her) dream of an Aryan race is delusional; they get very upset when anyone challenges their insane belief system.

And speaking of the "master race," it seems like a good time to take a look at three men who cling to Nazi ideals, believe they are superior to the rest of us, and want to wipe Jews, African Americans, the LGBTQ community, and anyone else they deem inferior, off the surface of the planet. 

Christopher Cantwell is a raging Nazi white supremacist who, up until this week, had a Facebook page (removed by Facebook) and an OkCupid account (removed by OkCupid who also banned him for life). Cantwell was a highly visible figure in Charlottesville; he marched with those "good people" on Friday night, he is always heavily armed, and he thinks Heather Heyer deserved to die. 

But there's another side to this prime specimen of the "master race," a softer side, a side filled with Nazi tears. See, after Charlottesville, Mr. Cantwell discovered there was a warrant out for his arrest, and he became so terrified of going to jail, he made a little video. Where he cried. About possibly going to jail. A man who claims he would die for his cause blubbered on camera about being arrested. Watch:

The "master race" cries in fear when threatened with arrest. Good to know.

Next, there's Matthew Heimbach:

Image from IndyStar

This is the "master race," this guy? It's important to note that Ku Klux Kryptkeeper David Duke adores Matthew and many think Matt is the next David Duke. Heimbach has dark hair, dark eyes, a neck beard, and looks like he passes out after climbing a flight of stairs. He's got three chins for shit's sake. He looks "Aryan" the way a cat looks like a Ford F-150. I'm 51 years old, and I am pretty sure I could not only chase this little fucker down, I could probably do him some serious physical damage using nothing but historical facts and a feather duster.

Finally, there is an unnamed white dude who was caught on camera by journalist CJ Hunt yelling "fuck fuck fuck" as he fled a counter protester. Said unnamed white dude ripped off his white polo shirt while dropping a Monster energy drink, and tried to explain to Mr. Hunt that he was just there for the "fun:"

This is what happens when 4chan trolls leave Mom's basement and head out into the real world. "Holy crap, who knew a black guy would take offense at me saying white power for the lulz?" 

If this is the "master race," we're all going to be fine. A guy who cries when faced with the possibility of arrest, a guy who couldn't run half the length of a football field without falling over with exhaustion, and Pasty White Dude who's just there because saying white power is funny. 

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Another man on Facebook thinks I should die

Image from Medium

Earlier today, I wrote an article about Donald Trump. I posted a link to that article in a discussion thread on Lynda Carter's Facebook page. A man named Travis Small was deeply offended by my article, and responded with the following comment:

 Travis Small  Did he say that? Or did he condemn them? I guess you're watching CNN... or just being as ignorant as the rest of the haters of America... Who think it's ok to have Black LIves Matters and ANIFTA running freely through the streets burning and destroying peoples livelihoods and personal properties... Get real.. those thugs that were there causing all the trouble are the ones who need to be plowed down. and that is you Black lives matter and anifta.. The ones who was peacefully marching had a permit and it was their right to march... so suck it up.. This is America... and everyone has a right to march or protest PEACEFULLY...

The part that got my attention was where he wants me dead, sorry "plowed down." Did you notice that? "Get real..those thugs that were causing all the trouble are the ones who to to be plowed down. and that is you Black lives matter and ANIFTA [sic].."

So, in the world of Travis Small, Nazis are the good guys, and those of us trying to fight against Nazis should be "plowed down." The Nazis were marching peacefully (with torches while screaming "Jews will not replace us" and "Blood and soil") and the counter-protesters, the people who used their bodies to protect members of the clergy, people like Deandre Harris, Marcus Martin, and Heather Heyer, were causing all the trouble. Heather Heyer who was "plowed down" by a Nazi using a Dodge Charger as a murder weapon, whose memorial service is today

Travis ends his hateful, violent screed by writing the word "peacefully" all in caps. Is that irony or hypocrisy? How does it work, I wonder, in Travis Small's mind, how can he write that I and everyone else fighting against Nazis in whatever way we can deserve to be killed, and then write about peace? 

But I guess this is your typical Trump supporter. Nazis are peaceful protesters, people fighting against Nazis are causing trouble and deserve to "plowed down." 

I reported Travis to Facebook, but since there doesn't seem to be a way to share what Travis wrote, his profile will most likely remain up. I think the best way to fight back against someone like Travis is to make sure people know exactly who, and what, he is. Travis is a man who believes someone like me deserves to be murdered. 

Donald Trump prefers actual Nazis to people fighting Nazis

Tuesday evening, Donald Trump got his base back. He nearly lost them Monday, when he read words he does not believe off a teleprompter. But the Nazis and the Klan members and David Duke and Christopher Cantwell and Andrew Anglin knew he was forced to say those things. They saw Trump's face as he called his base what they are in a monotone, as if he was a hostage and someone had a gun to his head. His base understood the hidden message: I don't believe what I am saying.

And on Tuesday, Donald Trump showed himself for precisely what he is. Donald Trump is a narcissistic, sociopath who sympathizes with Nazis. He stated there were "bad people" on the Nazi side of what happened in Charlottesville, but that the other side had very "violent people." He did not mention Deandre Harris, the young man almost beaten to death by Nazi thugs, he did not mention Marcus Martin, the young man who was hit by the Dodge Charger a Nazi used as a weapon of mass destruction, and he most certainly did not mention Heather Heyer, the young woman murdered by that same Nazi. He did mention her mother, but only in reference to himself:

I thought that the statement put out, the mother’s statement, I thought was a beautiful statement. I tell you, it was something that I really appreciated. I thought it was terrific. Under the kind of stress that she is under and the heartache that she is under, I thought putting out that statement to me was really something I won’t forget. Thank you all very much. Thank you.

Trump also took a few moments to brag about a winery he has in Charlottesville:

Charlottesville is a great place that’s been very badly hurt over the last couple of days. I own actually one of the largest wineries in the United States. It’s in Charlottesville.

Trump's words on Tuesday were divisive, historically inaccurate, and incredibly dangerous. By treating the counter-protesters as somehow worse than the Nazis who descended on Charlottesville, he gave his support to the driver of that Dodge Charger, he gave his support to monsters like Christopher Cantwell and David Duke and Andrew Anglin.

Charles Krauthammer, a conservative pundit, called Trump's words a "moral disgrace." Marco Rubio countered Trump's words on Twitter, stating the organizers of the Nazi protest were "100% to blame" for the violence. Other conservative politicians rebuked Trump as well, including Paul Ryan, Steve Scalise, and Jeff Flake.

Donald Trump said there were "good people" in Charlottesville on Friday night, people who just wanted to calmly protest the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee. Good people, who wielded torches as they screamed "Jews will not replace us," and "Blood and soil." 

Image from NBC news

Trump echoed many conservatives on the internet when he spoke about permits, as if having a permit gives a group of Nazis permission to terrorize, beat, and use a Dodge Charger as a murder weapon. In Donald Trump's mind, it would seem, as long as you have the proper paperwork, you can do whatever you want. Well, if you're a Nazi. Black Lives Matter protests have secured permits, and Trump supporters, including Sheriff David Clarke, have called BLM a hate group and a terrorist organization. 

David Duke thanked Donald Trump on Twitter Tuesday evening, writing:

Thank you President Trump for your honesty & courage to tell the truth about #Charlottesville & condemn the leftist terrorists in BLM/Antifa

David Duke, a former grand dragon of the Ku Klux Klan, thanked Donald Trump. That's where we are now. The President of the United States, who is anything but presidential, is so beloved by Nazis and white supremacists, one of their leaders thanked him for his "honesty and courage." 

Can you imagine if Trump had been the president during World War II? He would have shamed the Allies, said there were bad people on both sides, given speeches about the good people in the Nazi party who were just trying to preserve history, and perhaps received a telegram from Hitler thanking Trump for his "honesty and courage."

You want to know who Trump was defending? Who those good people were? The ones with the permit? Vice News sent journalist Elle Reeve to Charlottesville, and she spoke with the leaders and organizers of the Nazi protest. Listen to their words, watch their faces, see what and who they really are. And while you watch, remember that Donald Trump thinks they are the victims.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Dear George Soros: Where's My Money?

Image from Huffington Post

Over the past decade, there have been whispers, quick comments here and there, about a man named George Soros, and how he's paying liberals to do all sorts of things. Protest, attend rallies and vigils, write things on the internet, create content, start Facebook pages and Twitter accounts-all of these, according to many conservatives, are paid positions thanks to Mr. Soros. Even Donald Trump believes we're getting paid to protest.

No one I know has ever been paid by George Soros to protest, to write a comment on an article, to create a meme, but that doesn't mean it's not happening. Look at how right conservatives were about "Pizzagate" that's a really bad example. President Obama's birth certificate nope. Hillary Clinton murdering people and no, that...

Okay, there is a slight chance conservatives made this up. So many of them believe that we're all getting paid by George Soros, however, that it made me wonder if, perhaps, I should reach out to Mr. Soros and ask him: Where's my money?

Mr. Soros, I've been a faithful member of the Democratic party for as long as I can remember. And for ten years, I have been writing online, commenting online, creating memes, helping admin Facebook pages, I even made a few videos. But I've never received a check, a money order, Bitcoins, a gift card, a lifetime subscription to the Jelly-of-the-Month club, nothing. You have never paid me for all the things conservatives tell me I should be getting paid for.

I made a list for you, Mr. Soros, to give you an idea of what I believe my liberalism is worth. I took into account what conservatives have said I am being paid, and added some figures of my own. I hope you appreciate that I am low-balling all of this, because I know many other liberals who will probably be reaching out to you, asking about their money, too.

1) Articles

Ten years, five websites, probably over 1,000 articles. Let's make that an even 1,000. At $20 an article, you owe me $20,000. Which seems fair.

2) Social media

Ten years, three Facebook pages, and (again, low-balling) ten thousand comments. We'll ignore the Facebook pages, and just focus on the comments. The reason? I cannot recall how many times, after writing a comment on an article or post, I have been told I am a paid Soros troll. So, ten thousand comments, at, oh I don't know, .50 a comment, that comes to $5,000.

3) Activism

Mr. Soros, I will admit I have not been to as many rallies, protests, and marches as I should. You see, sir, I have chronic anxiety, and large crowds cause me great stress. I can't go to the mall on weekends, and the one time I went to Costco on a Saturday, I almost had a panic attack in the condiment aisle. But I have managed to attend three events, along with founding the original We Are Woman. On Sunday, a conservative woman told me I was paid $25 to attend a vigil Saturday evening. One pride parade, one anti-Trump march, and one vigil=$75. Add to that $100 for founding an actual organization, my activism total comes to $175.

I prefer to be paid by check, but if necessary, you can drop cash down our chimney. You know, like Santa, because Santa is as real as the idea that you are paying liberals to do all these things.

Love, Erin

PS: I think I understand why so many conservatives are convinced liberals are all Soros trolls. Standing up for the disenfranchised, the marginalized, the poor, immigrants, people of color, the LGBTQ community, are all foreign concepts to a lot of folks on the right. The idea of taking time out of one's day to march down a street with others in support of people who don't look like you, or pray like you, or love like you, is unthinkable to quite a few conservatives.

Getting together with a bunch of polo-shirt wearing, tiki-torch bearing, actual Nazis makes perfect sense; supporting Black Lives Matter if you're not black is a head-scratcher.

Monday, August 14, 2017

White People, We Let This Happen

Hello, fellow white people. Feeling a bit discombobulated today? Wondering what happened in Charlottesville over the weekend? Asking yourself how it got to this point? Signing petitions and sharing memes to soothe your broken heart? 

Guess what? We let this happen. Last November, we could have voted for the most qualified presidential candidate in modern history, but we didn't, did we? No, we most certainly did not. Some white liberals wrote in Bernie Sanders because HER EMAILS, some white liberals voted for Jill Fucking Stein because GOLDMAN SACHS, some white liberals stayed home and pouted, and the rest of us voted for Hillary Clinton. It wasn't enough. Hillary won the popular vote, but we wound up with Donald Trump as POTUS. 

Of course, we've been letting this happen for decades, this being dumping the fight at the feet of the victims. We expect people of color to change the system, while we sign our petitions and share our memes. We expect the men and women who have endured so much pain, bloodshed, hate, violence, and loss, to fight this battle. It's not their fight, it's ours. Black people did not beat the living shit out of Deandre Harris, white people did that. Black people did not drive a Dodge Charger through a crowd of counter-protesters, injuring dozens, and killing Heather Heyer, a white guy did that. And not just a white guy; an actual, 100% bonafide Nazi. 

Black people did not descend on Charlottesville armed with tiki torches, decked out in polo shirts and khakis, screaming "JEWS WILL NOT REPLACE US," that was white people. And here are a few more white people who decided to let their Nazi flag fly in comment sections on Facebook under articles on Breitbart, Info Wars, and Fox:

Michael Meeks I'm just tired of the BLM movement always protesting about something and then going back to slavery, it's a confederate general, it's not a big deal for God's sake. Slavery happened in the past, that stupid movement should keep it in the past. Also, how come they don't understand that their own people sold them out? So sad the direction is that our society is moving into

Timothy Launhardt Antifa and blm started the violence.

Donald M. Dawson * it’s now been confirmed that it was indeed a Democrat Party member and Antifa terrorist drove his car into free speech advocates in Charlottesville Virginia this morning

Chris L Lindeman Trump needs to put the National Guard on the streets to deal with ANTIFA and BLM. Put the in civics prison. Take their citizenship away until they learn some manners. It isn't the responsibility of fringe right wing groups or the silent majority to police the street. ANTIFA and BLM will continue to be paid to attack Trump supporters so watch your backs.


Len Snart Our side had permits. They forced us out of Lee Park. There was no violence from us until antifa started attacking, we responded with self defence. 

I found two white men who thought reposting memes from The Daily Stormer was a great idea:

Speaking of The Daily Stormer, Andrew Anglin, evil Nazi creator and sole contributor to TDS, came up with a pretty brilliant way to make money. Thanks to Amy Siskind and her many followers, Go Daddy is dumping TDS. Anglin will no longer have a host for his Nazi website so he needs funds fast. What better way to drive traffic to a hate-filled website than to convince liberals Anonymous has hacked said website? WOOHOO yelled too many white liberals, and in their exuberance they began sharing links to The Daily Stormer as proof. Except no, it's all bullshit, Anonymous did not hack TDS, and you all just made money for an actual Nazi. I'm sure Andrew Anglin thanks you for your support.

But this is how we got here, it's what I mean when I tell you we let this happen. It took me less than 2 minutes to verify what I was already 99% sure of-Anonymous did not hack TDS. And when I proved it, people still argued with me. When I point out Hillary Clinton never murdered anyone, people argue with me. When other fact-based activists, writers, content creators, average white liberals with a double-digit IQ, call out the lies and the bias and the hyperbole, they are shouted down. Because too many white liberals are lazy as fuck.

Too many white liberals want people of color to fight this battle. Too many white liberals refuse to understand how they are complicit in everything that has happened, not just since the election, but for decades. Too many white liberals are willing to march with other white liberals, but have never been to a Black Lives Matter protest or rally. Too many white liberals whitesplain to people of color without ever listening. "I'm on your side, I have black friends, I have a BLM sign in the front yard of my 4,000-square-foot house, I give money to the NAACP, I just can't go to every rally or march; I have a job/life/family/vacation plans, but let me sign this petition from Change dot org, and pat myself on the back."

We let this happen. This is all on us, and it's all on us to fix it. We need to tell Nazis to GTFO of our cities, our schools, our government, our neighborhoods, our country. These are evil, violent people who wear a swastika while waving an American flag. They believe they have the right to preach their hate, to assault people of color, to kill, to beat, they believe they can be both a Nazi and an American.

That flag they wave beat that swastika they wear in WWII. And it's up to white people to make sure the new Nazis get beaten again. The fight belongs to us because we let this happen.