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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Dear Bernie-or-Busters:You're not progressives

I am very lucky in that I have quite a few brilliant, passionate, politically savvy friends. One of those friends is Sabine Blunt. We've known each other awhile, and we have very similar personalities. And sometimes, when I get so angry I can't see straight, somehow Sabine reads my mind, and writes down precisely what I'm thinking.

Thus I present to you the words of Sabine Blunt, words with which I agree 100%, reprinted with her permission.

Once again, I am filled with loathing for the short sightedness of Bernie or Busters and Third Party voters and non voters. They get my special focus because they seems to think they are part of the Left and "on my side," which they decidedly are not. Trump voters don't even pretend to give a damn about anyone but their own families.

I remember during the primary last year, so called progressives were saying that Clinton was "just more of the same", "just as bad as Trump,", and that we needed to "burn the system down and start over."

To say I was infuriated by those people calling themselves progressives is a bit of an understatement, as they pretty much define the idea of NOT creating any positive changes, but there will always be some of those, and I still (wrongly) believed they would not be important in the election...

Most of those people have shut up now. I think they realize the damage being done by TrumpCo far outstrips anything the fictional Crooked Hillary would have done, and what idiots they were to fall for that rhetoric.

But some of them are still crowing about how they stuck it to the Dems, and how we all deserve this because something something Bernie.

Well, congratulations.

You had your chance to prevent this disaster, and you decided to choose personal purity over the social contract. And you may not get a chance to vote again to fix this.

While we were all (justifiably livid) over Trump's unpresidential twitter feuds, the Republicans continue to consolidate their power to prevent unhappy US citizens from calling them out on their crap.

While they simultaneously try to undermine ObamaCare at ANY cost, including just repealing it with no replacement, and their popularity dips below 20%, they are also defunding and undermining the efforts of the only federal agency tasked with helping states to prevent election fraud hacking.

Let me repeat that for clarity:

In a time when US Intelligence can say without a doubt that Russian hackers targeted American voter rolls and election software, the GOP is defunding the only agency that tries to help prevent that. That is as much as an open invitation to those hackers to continue their work.

In addition, the GOP Congress formed a commission to look into voter fraud, which is frequently cited but virtually never founded in any facts, which has demanded that all 50 states hand over their voter rolls, and that they explicitly describe their plans to purge those lists of voters. The message is clear: give less people access to the vote.

The chair of this commission, and at least one of other member, are both well known for their opposition and activism to the Voting Rights Act. I'm sure this is just a coincidence. (sarcasm, for those who don't know me).

Slavery ended officially in 1865 and it took 100 years of activism, death, outrage, and suffering for the Voting Rights Act to be established and to start amending the lack of access to full citizenship. It was imperfect and was still needing activism and outrage to move it further, but now we're being moved backwards. Fast.

So yeah, congrats to the Bernie or Busters, the Third Party voters, and the non voters.
Instead of fixing our system you were willing to risk it ending.

Well, it seems you're getting what you wanted.

Go celebrate, but don't complain when your rights are restricted, as you couldn't be bothered being an ally to others.

And please, stop calling yourselves progressives. You're nothing but nihilist libertarians, wrapping yourselves in a liberal flag.