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Friday, May 5, 2017

Turn Trump Tweets into Charitable Donations with Donald Donates

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What if there was a way to turn Donald Trump's tweets into something good? Something that helps survivors of sexual violence, the LGBTQ community, men and women fighting for the rights of the disenfranchised? A way to use Trump's disdain for people of color, immigrants, and women to help the very groups he's trying to harm?

Three millennials, Adam Gibbs, David Hyatt and Justin Munn, realized they could do just that. Using the one thing Donald Trump loves more than anything-Twitter-these young men created Donald Donates. Donald Donates is a brilliant and simple way to help your favorite charities while at the same time, resisting the divisive and harmful Trump administration.

Donald Donates has been featured in Newsweek and The Daily Beast. Adam, Dave and Justin are  standing up to Donald Trump while helping charities and organizations fighting back against Trump's disastrous policies. I had the pleasure of interviewing Adam Gibbs recently, and learned more about Donald Donates.

1) What inspired the three of you to create Donald Donates?

We created Donald Donates because we were looking for a way to stand up to Donald Trump's divisive rhetoric and destructive policies. We were deeply troubled by the lies being disseminated by the Trump campaign and Transition, and unfortunately, nothing changed once he moved into the White House. Donald Trump and his advisors continue to push "alternate facts" and advocate for policies that would be a disaster for millions of Americans. Given all of this, we knew we had to take action in a meaningful way. 

The idea for Donald Donates came about when Dave, a software developer, created an application to automatically respond to every tweet from @realDonaldTrump. After sharing the idea with me, we began talking about ways to turn it into something more action oriented. We landed on the idea of collecting small donations for organizations either under threat by this Administration or actively pushing back on Trump's disastrous agenda. We called up our friend Justin, a frontend developer and designer, and we all immediately began working on turning the idea for Donald Donates into a reality. 

2) How does Donald Donates work?

With every tweet from @realDonaldTrump, Donald Donates members make a small contribution to the recipient(s) of their choice. Members set how much they’d like to donate per tweet and which recipient(s) they’d like to receive these contributions. They can also set a monthly maximum, just in case Trump goes on one of his infamous tweetstorms. 

We track contributions from each tweet and on the last day of each month, payments are processed and funds are sent to recipients. 

3) Can people choose an amount to donate, or is there a set minimum?

Donald Donates members have total control over how much they would like to donate. All contributions occur in increments as small as 1¢. 

For example, with each tweet from @realDonaldTrump, I am currently giving 2¢ to the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee, 1¢ to the Anti-Defamation League, 1¢ to CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations), 1¢ to the NRDC, 1¢ to the Sierra Club, 2¢ to Planned Parenthood and 2¢ to Flippable. This adds up to 10¢ per tweet, or about $3.50 each week given his average of 5 tweets each day. 

4) Can people change the charities they choose? For example, one month, donate to the ACLU, the next month, to Planned Parenthood?

Yes. Members can support as many of our recipient organizations as they would like and change their donation preferences at any time. 

5) How much money (roughly, if you don't have exact numbers) have you raised so far in total?

This is a bit of a moving target, as we raise more and more with each tweet. His most recent tweet around 11pm ET last night (5/2), has raised $111.38. 

6) Did you expect to receive so much media attention, and how has being featured by The Daily Beast and Newsweek affected the number of people signing up to Donald Donates?

We were honored to have outlets like Newsweek and The Daily Beast share our story. This coverage has certainly helped drive people to the site and helped us grow at an exciting pace. 

We're also thrilled to be partnering with so many great Resistance organizations, including Indivisible, Flippable, Sister District and Town Hall Project, who have all helped us get the word out about Donald Donates. These groups are doing amazing work, and we're honored to be supporting them through Donald Donates. 

Think about it: In less than 5 minutes, you can set up an account, pick your charities, choose an amount to donate, and you're making the world a better place. Frankly, I can't think of an easier way to join the resistance.

As an added incentive, the very idea of Donald Donates is guaranteed to anger Donald Trump, which will most likely result in a 3 AM Twitter tantrum, which in turn, will generate more donations to charity. Talk about a win-win!

Please visit Donald Donates for more information. Let's take Trump's Twitter rage and use it to help the people he can't stand.

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