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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Of Course Misogyny Played a Part in the 2016 Election

Image from Politico

Tuesday, President Hillary Clinton...oh wait, that's only in my heart...Hillary Clinton spoke with Christiane Amanpour at a Women for Women International event. During the talk, Hillary took responsibility for her campaign, and pointed out Nate Silver was probably right: If the election had taken place on October 27, she would have "almost certainly" been the president-elect.

But the election was held 10 days after James Comey's letter and Russia's WikiLeaks dump. And here we are, with Donald Trump and his alt-right administration, his dictator admiration society, and his complete and utter lack of knowledge of anything related to governing.

Ms. Amanpour asked Hillary Clinton if misogyny played a role in the election. Hillary responded with laughter, because OF COURSE IT DID. It still does. There are men and women who proudly write and say the most offensive, sexist, misogynistic things about Hillary Clinton, call her names, reference her voice, her laugh, her hair, and her appearance. Last year, a "progressive" blogger/internet grifter posted a tl;dr diatribe on social media in which he made references to Hillary Clinton's "tits" and menstruation.

CNN's Facebook page is often the first place truly awful people go to share their FUBAR world view with others, and Tuesday was no exception. Underneath an article about Hillary's speech at the Women for Women International event, there were comments like:

Emerson Williams Whitney Forck its feminist like you that make me want to hack. She is not a strong women, she lost the race more times than can be counted. Go take your man-hateing principles and stick them where the sun don't shine.


Richard Ray It's good to see she sobered up and took a bath

Oh, and:

Pete Fischer Sandra Warren why should men have to pay for your abortions

Next, Fox Spews, where we find erudite commentary like:

David Pecanty But her cult followers still enjoy sucking on those crusty corn infested sour stinking (whew)......hairy cracked machete blade turned under nailed (but polished) toes.

Women can be misogynists, too:

Anna Aragunde Deardorff Roberto Rellanes You mean 3 million ILLEGALS and Dead that voted for Hilldebeast!

Roger seems like a real treasure:

Roger Anglin This Pig needs to change her depends and fk off.

In 2007, The Seattle Times ran an article about the misogyny used to attack Hillary Clinton. From the article:

It’s a discussion we are going to have if Hillary Clinton is nominated,” said Jamieson, who originally went searching the Web for racist invective aimed at Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, only to find the raw sexism being directed at Clinton far more common and virulent.

“I’ve been waiting,” Jamieson said. “When is somebody going to make this stuff visible enough to have that conversation?”

She thought the moment had arrived in mid-November when, at a campaign meeting in South Carolina, a woman of patrician bearing asked Arizona Sen. John McCain, "How do we beat the bitch?"

A surprised McCain laughed along with the rest of the small crowd.

"That's an excellent question," McCain said after regaining his stride. He proceeded to explain why he could beat Clinton.

A video of that encounter, titled "How Do We Beat The Bitch" was viewed nearly one million times on You Tube.

Victoria Brownworth, a writer who identifies as a Socialist, wrote a piece for Curve Magazine last year entitled "Misogyny Rules the 2016 Election." Ms. Brownworth joined the Communist Party in college, "lured by a charismatic professor." She was a budding feminist, however, and found that the "sexism within the far left stunned me, even as a teenager."

Ms. Brownworth writes:

Was I lured by Bernie Sanders the way I had been lured by my professor in college? To paraphrase another American politician, You betcha! But then, as was the case with my college foray into Communism, came the sexism. So. Much. Sexism.

And while she acknowledges the misogyny of the Trump campaign, Ms. Brownworth's article is focused on the sexism and misogyny that came from the left. Specifically, from Bernie Sanders and the Bernie Bros. She tells us of the moment when Bernie Sanders' supporters lashed out at Barbara Boxer in Nevada:

Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA), listed as one of the top five most liberal senators in Congress and a member of Congress since 1983, was called a "fascist bitch" by Sanders supporters who booed when she took the stage. She reminded the crowd they were all Democrats and that booing her was like booing Sanders.

Nevada Chairwoman Roberta Lange received thousands of emails and phone calls, her private phone numbers were published on social media, and threats were made to her family, including her children. From the article:

On May 18, NPR politics reporter Tamara Keith included some of the messages in her report on the convention chaos. Most had to be bleeped for language. But one chilling message calmly called for Lange’s public execution. "People like you should be hung in a public execution to show this world that we won't stand for this sort of corruption."

Ms. Brownworth points out that when the New York Times ran an article on Donald Trump's sexism and misogyny, no one was surprised. The number of interviewees was a bit shocking, but for the most part, everyone said "Meh, yeah, that's Trump." She goes on:

But Sanders? Sanders isn’t Trump. Sanders is supposed to be the lefty good guy. The one with the feminist ally credentials. And yet instead he’s the only one of all the candidates who ran for president–more than two dozen Democrats and Republicans all but three of whom have withdrawn–with no women in the top ten positions in his campaign. (Clinton has 6, Trump has 3.) Instead, Sanders is the only candidate to call Hillary Clinton "unqualified," when she is the best qualified candidate in decades. Instead, Sanders is the candidate who, on the eve of the 43rd anniversary of Roe v. Wade and less than a month after 14 people were shot, three of them killed, at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado, called Planned Parenthood "part of the Establishment." 

It's obvious misogyny played a huge role in the 2016 presidential election. The sad truth is that hate came from the left as much as it came from the right.

Victoria Brownworth's article is brilliant, and you can read it here.


  1. I luv you Erin! ♥ So glad to see your posts. ☺

  2. The article is a trueism to our societies bias, sadly through social media. Our society is gender bias. Most nations are. I think the US making progress on the matter, then Trump was elected. So, we need to save Congress to halt the reversal.