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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Evil in St. Charles, Missouri

St. Charles, Missouri was visited by evil in 2012 in the form of Jordan Lafayette Prince and Jessica Lynn Howell. Prince, a convicted pedophile, was dating Howell, who had a  four month old infant daughter. For approximately three and a half months, Howell sent text messages to Prince that, according to the formal complaint, suggested Prince have sexual relations with her infant daughter, Ashlynn. And on December 2nd, Jordan Lafayette Prince did exactly that.

The details of what was done to baby Ashlynn are despicable. Prince raped, sodomized, and strangled Jessica Lynn Howell's daughter, and all evidence points to Howell encouraging it to happen. Jordan Lafayette raped Ashlynn Howell to death.

My friend Lee shared this story  (the link contains graphic descriptions of Ashlynn's injuries) on his Facebook page this evening, and I sat, frozen, unable to comprehend what I was reading. I thought back to when my son was a little baby: pudgy toes, learning to grin, fascinated with "Baby Mozart" videos. And I cannot understand what would motivate a mother to let this happen to her own child. Jessica Howell knew Jordan Prince was a convicted pedophile, and not only did she still have a relationship with him, she gave him access to her infant. An innocent little baby, whose last moment on this Earth were filled with pain and torment.

Lee posted the story because he was, and is, confused about people who say "It's all part of God's plan." How the hell is anything like what happened to that baby part of any "god's plan?" You explain that to me, uber-Christians, right now. You explain how two people so devoid of humanity are allowed to murder a baby girl. You tell me in your dulcet tones about faith and hope and charity, and I will spell out in great detail what that little girl's body looked like when she arrived at the morgue. Four months old. Raped and sodomized and strangled by a pedophile, while her mom sat there.

My son is an Atheist, my husband is not far behind, and frankly, given what I have read over the past few days, maybe I'm next. Uganda, Nigeria, the U.S.-all being overrun by Christian zealots who think homosexuality is the most horrible thing on the planet, when in fact, people like Jordan Prince and Jessica Howell are the most horrible things on the planet. Interesting that they're in Missouri, the latest state to try and pass a "turn the gays away" bill. Because it's immoral for two men who love each other and would never hurt a fly to get married, but perfectly lovely if monsters like Prince and Howell get hitched, right?

Jordan Prince was indicted last year on first degree murder charges. As of last July, he was awaiting trial. Two days after Ashlynn died from injuries sustained during the rape, Prince posted a Fireflight video to his Facebook page with accompanying text that read:

This is for you baby girl.....daddy misses you....daddy loves you
There are other postings from Prince, and also from Howell, that are incredibly disturbing. They act as if Ashlynn died of some mysterious "thing," that her own mother did not give her over to a pedophile who raped and sodomized her to death. And once again, how can anyone say this is all part of God's plan?

Hopefully, both Prince and Howell will go to trial this year. As a liberal, I know I am not supposed to write the following, but this was a four month old infant. So, screw my bleeding heart-if they don't receive the death penalty, I hope they are both placed in general population, and every single other inmate knows exactly what they did. Hoping this is not asking for revenge, it is not vengeance, it's justice. It takes a special kind of evil to do what those two people did to Ashlynn Howell, and they do not deserve my pity. Christians would tell me I need to forgive them, because Jesus would. Maybe that's one reason I am close to becoming an Atheist: some people do not deserve forgiveness.

Thanks to Lee Golden for the original article.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The toy train

Dylan Farrow had a toy train. A friend of mine had red petunias outside her window. Another, a teddy bear, while another had a poster on his wall. Every adult who was molested as a child has something, some item they stared at while trying to leave their bodies. This cannot be happening, this person is supposed to keep me safe, or love me, or protect me, not do this, not this.

No one except Dylan Farrow and Woody Allen knows what happened to a 7-year old girl so long ago. But I will tell you all this: Society has a picture of what a perfect victim is. It's a Lifetime movie, or a brave 5-year old on Law and Order: SVU. There are no perfect victims, only terrified children who wait years, sometimes decades, to tell their story. And some never tell it all.

So, while people rush to judge or condemn or support, keep in mind that he may have done this. He may have taken a 7-year old girl into an attic, told her to lie down on her stomach, and play with a toy train while he stole her childhood away. 

I stared at my tennis shoe.