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Saturday, January 18, 2014


It's been a rough couple of days. I met a true blue misogynist, watched a video of a United States senator say marital rape isn't a real thing because wives wear nighties, and wrote two articles, both of which wrecked my soul a little. And through all of this, friends and family stood by me, supported me, and cheered me up with Friday's Joke Night. So I want to take this space to thank some folks who have been marvelous during this rather interesting time.

As always, my husband. He puts up with me hunched over a keyboard up to eight hours a day for no pay (he's looking forward to my Adsense account going active almost as much as I am), he rubs my shoulders, he soothes me and he listens to me swear. I tend to swear when I write about Bobs. He also brings me chocolate.

Christopher Warren and I have grown a lot closer since Wednesday. The Bob showed up on a thread on Chris's Facebook page (he welcomes followers) and Chris, along with myself and other friends, shut Bob down. It was empowering and wonderful to behold. Thank you, Chris.

Mike Weishar, my editor at Quiet Mike, always lets me write. He never says "Well, I don't know if that will work," he just says "Okay, I trust you." That's rare. He finds my glaring errors, but never tells me about them, and he's just a really nice guy. Rumor has it, he's getting married this year (AHEM), and I plan to send one helluva a gift.

I'm very lucky to have two great editors, the other being Manny Schewitz (so not his real name). Manny writes and edits for Forward Progressives, another really great progressive website/blog. Manny is encouraging, inspiring and funny, with an eye for what I do right and what I do wrong (spell). There's a line in Saturday's piece about the GOP's horrific problems with women that, according to Manny, caused a spit-take. Read it, and see if you can tell what it was.

After Thursdays With Bob, many of the women on the thread connected. It was an extraordinary response to Bob's hate. Not only did we join together on the thread, we joined together on Facebook. To all those women-we are victors. Or as Bob called us "radical feminists." Snort, guffaw, sigh.

Finally, Leslie, Lynne, Roger, Lee, Shannon, Dave, Deb, Karen, my stepson Steve, Josh for the Wonder Woman spin, Josh's husband for spinning, and everyone who calmed me, supported me, and participated in Joke Night-thank you. You make it better, you make me better, and you are all wonderful.

Gratitude is a powerful thing. It makes you realize how good your life is, how blessed you are, and that you should never take any of that for granted. I promise never to take any of this for granted.

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