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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Cruelty As Sport

The photo at the top of this piece is from a Facebook page entitled We Survived Bush, You Will Survive Obama. Allegedly, this is a political page, sometimes in support of President Obama, sometimes not. This photo was posted October 12th, 2012, with no caption, no explanation, just on its own. And it is extremely disturbing to see, for many reasons.

First and foremost, what on Earth does this photo have to do with politics or the election? Nothing. It's simply cruelty as sport. There are numerous administrators on WSBYWSO, so it's next to impossible to ferret out which of them posted this, but whomever did obviously has a very strange idea of what qualifies as politics. Secondly, what is the point of posting this? Again, none, it's just cruel. Many of the comments under the photo are horrible-calling this woman names, attacking her intelligence, her hygiene, her "moral choices," you name it. So, for a moment, I want to personalize this.

I am a recovered bulimic. What if, one evening when I was cycling down into an epic borderline episode, someone snapped a photo of me eating an entire Sara Lee pound cake? Or a tube of Pillsbury refrigerated cookie dough? Or a dozen or so Hostess pies? And then took that photo and posted it online, for thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of people to laugh at and insult? Maybe the photographer could hang around for a few minutes after I finished my binge and take another picture of me, shoving a toothbrush down my throat and purging all the crap I just ingested. Wouldn't that be a hoot to see?

For some people, yes, actually, it would. There are people, and on WSBYWSO they are primarily self-professed liberals, who love this sort of thing. They gleefully cheer while a woman who is obviously morbidly obese is put on display for everyone to see. These people-the visitors who posted incredibly hurtful and mean spirited comments on the photo and the administrator who put it up on the page in the first place-remind me of the coliseum goers in ancient Rome. Reveling in the destruction of another human being, they scream for more blood, more pain, more rage and more hate.

I don't know the woman in that photo, but if I met her, I would sit down and talk with her. Maybe she is mentally ill, maybe she has physical issues that caused her weight gain, maybe she has an eating disorder. But at no time would I point at her and call her names or laugh at her or make her feel like something one scrapes off the bottom of ones' shoe. Because that's not what normal people do. Normal people have empathy and when we see someone suffering, as this woman obviously is, our first instinct is not to belittle them and add to their pain.

If you are a frequent visitor to Facebook pages that seem like Roman coliseums, perhaps you need to ponder what it is, exactly, that says about you. We have no control over what a Facebook page like We Survived Bush, You Will Survive Obama posts, but we can all certainly take back a little power and not visit or like pages that promote bigotry and cruelty. I like to think that the people I know and love would, if they met the woman in this photo, just sit down and talk with her, too. Believe it or not, sometimes a kind word instead of a bitter comment can change a life. Perhaps that's all this woman needs. Unfortunately, she's not going to get it on We Survived Bush, You Will Survive Obama. And that's not what being liberal, hell being human, is all about.

© Erin Nanasi 2012

Thursday, October 11, 2012

America Has Borderline Personality Disorder

(Photo from anythingtostopthepain.)

One of the key components of borderline personality disorder is the inability to find one's Wise Mind. Borderlines live in black or white, never grey. It's all or nothing, love or hate, mania or depression. America has lost its Wise Mind.

Your Rational Mind is all logic and pragmatism. There is no room for emotional discourse or discovery, all you do is examine events factually, almost mathematically. People who live completely in their Reasonable Mind are extremely good at problem solving, unless that problem involves emotion. 

The Emotional Mind is all "hot and cold." Reactions are quick and explosive, often more dramatic than the situation requires. Borderlines spend a lot of time in our Emotional Mind, and it seems, so does America. 

It's next to impossible to have a rational, "reasonable" conversation with anyone these days. If you are a liberal and you bump into a conservative, odds are whatever your discussion starts out as, it will quickly become a knock-down, drag out fight, complete with name calling, swearing and, if you are face to face, screaming. If you are online, one or both of you will type ALL IN CAPS.

If you are a conservative, and you bump into a liberal, the same thing might happen. In my dealings with conservatives, however, I've noticed something. I usually stay calm, while they go bat shit insane. I try to use facts and logic, dipping a bit heavily into my Rational Mind, while the conservative calls me a word that rhymes with "bunt" and tells me I am going to hell. Been there, done that, have the tee shirt.

When I get into an altercation with someone on the far-left, it's even worse. See, I'm not a far-left kind of gal. I'm more center-liberal-Democrat-old fart who understands the nuances of politics and doesn't believe everything I hear on The Young Turks or in Salon. I*gasp*research everything. And after I learn about a particular subject, if asked, I can cite sources and present my case quite well. Which is when it all goes terribly wrong.

I've discovered that far-lefties and far-righties have no interest in the actual facts. They live in their Emotional Minds, and nothing I do or say will change that. I do have friends on the left who have built actual homes in their Rational Minds, and interacting with them is a bit annoying, but, frankly, I'd rather chat with someone who's completely based in logic than someone completely based in emotion.

We need to find our Wise Minds again. Facebook is becoming the largest third grade classroom on the planet, liberals are whining about President Obama's debate skills, conservatives are ignoring their own candidate's penchant for lying, and, as if that wasn't bad enough, no one knows which Joe Biden will show up to the debate this evening. I love Joe, I really do, but please, Sky Cat, please don't let him ask a guy in a wheelchair to stand up.

We're all so angry...sorry, ANGRY...but if you ask someone on the fringe of either side what they're so pissed about, they will quote The Blaze or Info Wars or The Examiner or some other less than stellar media outlet. If you try to counter that with facts, they will completely and utterly freak out. The far-left is convinced the Democratic and Republican parties are exactly the same and that Bernie Sanders is some sort of deity, even though he voted TO KEEP Gitmo open and the far-right is convinced that President Obama is a Kenyan-born Muslim fascist socialist Nazi who is murdering babies in the Rose Garden. 

So, what's the solution? Massive group therapy? Mandatory reading of Marsha Linehan's dialectic behavior workbooks? Slapping? I have no idea. All I do know is that I try to stay in my Wise Mind as much as possible, and when I wander over to my Emotional Mind, I take a break, regroup and calm the hell down. America needs to do the same-take a break, regroup and calm the hell down. We're The United States of America. Let's grow up and act like it.

© Erin Nanasi 2012

Monday, October 1, 2012

The Bachmann Diaries: Happy Rosh Kippur!

Dear Diary,

Marcus and I were in Chicago to do a little shopping, and one of the nice ladies at Neiman Marcus told us it was Rosh Kippur. Yom Hashana. One of those. Anywho, that's a huge Jewish holiday, sort of like Christmas, without Jesus, of course, because as my dear friend, Ann Coulter says, Jews are imperfected Christians. So, we decided it would be a great idea to go to a synagogue, which is a Jewish church.

Marcus doesn't like synagogues. He LOVES the Jews, of course, but he really hates those little hats. He thinks they make his hair look funny. I was going to wear one, too, so he wouldn't feel so bad, but the rabbi said women don't wear them. I never knew that.

We ended up at Anshe Emet Synagogue, which is near Lake Shore Drive. The rabbi, Michael Siegel couldn't have been nicer. Of course, he recognizes how much I love Israel and want to help Bibi Netanyahu blow up Iran to keep Israel safe. But, would you believe there were some people at that synagogue who don't like me? How is that possible?

According to that socialist website, Huffington Post, one man even left the synagogue and donated money to my opponent, Jim Graves. Oh, Diary, Jim Graves is so icky. He attacked me for telling the truth about the Muslim Brotherhood infiltrating our government through Huma Abedin (that's Anthony Weiner's wife. I guess I feel a little sorry for her, just because he sent all those horrible photos of his you know what to strange women, but I know she is part of a Muslim plot to overthrow the government and make it impossible for women to drive or wear high heeled shoes!)

Marcus keeps reminding me that Minnesotans love me and understand why I don't pay very much attention to them. He did suggest that we should have gone to a synagogue in Minnesota, but I don't think we have any here. Plus, I was looking for a new lynx coat for winter and Marcus was having a spa day, so it made more sense just to find someplace in Chicago to celebrate Rosh Kippur.

I have spent so much money on this campaign. Thank the good Lord for groups like the Minnesota Family Council and The Family Research Council, they understand that for Minnesota to survive, I must be the most powerful politician in the state. No, I'm not a senator or the governor, but I am on television a lot more than they are and people pay so much more attention to me. I mean, seriously, Diary, how often do you read an article about Mark Dayton or Al Franken? NEVER! Me, though? Every single day, I say something that is so impressive, I make the front page of every newspaper in America.

Diary, I am planning on running for president again in 2016. I even know who I am going to pick as my running mate. Ready? Pamela Geller. She's super pretty, she understands the true threat to Israel, even if those Chicago Jews don't, and she knows how dangerous Muslims are.

I hope Obummer doesn't get reelected, but I have a really bad feeling. Mitt Romney isn't nearly conservative enough for my followers, and since they number in the millions, they might not vote for him. They believe he hates Iran and loves Israel, but not as much as I do, plus he doesn't seem to understand anything about the Muslim Brotherhood's takeover of our government. You know what? I wonder if Jim Graves is a Muslim! I bet he is, and THAT'S why he attacked me for telling the truth. Joe McCarthy had to deal with this, too, but history remembers him as a great patriot and hero. David Barton told me that.

Oh well, at least I am going to win. You can't spend tens of millions of dollars and campaign all over the country and NOT win your own state! And yes, I will be Queen Michele, Ruler of Godlandia, in 2016.

Time for The 700 Club! Marcus has an ingrown toenail and hopefully Pastor Pat will be able to cure it.

Hugs and kisses-Queen Michele. xoxoxoxoxo

© Erin Nanasi 2012