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Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Most Amazing Thing

Every once in awhile, I want to write something that probably wouldn't work at Mad Mike's. It's too personal, or it just wouldn't garner attention, or it's too short. This is one of those pieces. A week or so ago, Steve and Josh Snyder-Hill, the second cutest married couple in America (hint: we're the cutest duh) asked me to edit Steve's book. I said of course, because Captain, soon to be Major Hill has huge arms, and frankly, he frightens me. THEN, the boys took it up a notch. Steve asked me to help write his book. Help. Write. His. Book. You know why they picked me? Me neither, but I know what they told me. Steve said he loves the way I write, and  wouldn't mind if I just wrote the whole book. 

2012 has been an insane year for me, and it's only May. I interviewed Will Turpin, Roy Zimmerman and HENRY ROLLINS, made the blog round up at Crooks and Liars often enough to garner a YEEHAH from my boss, was mentioned on MSNBC's website, helped create a national march against the GOP war on women, and now, I have been asked by a man I respect immensely and his husband, who I really love, okay that doesn't mean I don't love Steve, it means that Josh and I have this really neat I'm in sooo much trouble right now.

Ever just sit back and think "how did this happen?" I do that every day. How did a stay home mom, whose days were spent volunteering and weeding through evil housewives' gossip (Hi M.P.! How's it going, you lying bitch? I'm not bitter.) wind up as the senior columnist for an online magazine with a million readers a week and co-writing a book with the most famous Army officer in America? I'll tell you how. No I won't, because I haven't got a flipping clue.

And don't tell me "Oh, it's because you're a great writer." There are a lot of great writers out there. Is this happening to them as well? If so, why aren't they over the moon, screaming from the roof tops and dancing on their front lawn? Someone shared what might be the reason-I'm not jaded. I'm still honestly surprised when people tell me they liked something I wrote. I still get a little scared when RWNJ come out of their parents' basement to call me an asshole at Mad Mike's. And I truly did cry when Steve and Josh asked me to help with Steve's book. Because, in my world, I'm a stay home mom who has fun writing. Weird, huh.

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