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Monday, October 31, 2011

Occupy Oakland: Police Brutality or Justified Force?

Occupy Oakland: Police Brutality or Justified Force?

Friday, October 28, 2011

Pedophile Politician Was "In Homosexuality"

In 2006, GOP candidate and former pedophile, Linda Wall, gave a deposition in a lawsuit filed against her and another Republican candidate. Statements made by Ms. Wall during that deposition are disturbing, to say the least, and may lead to her arrest. From The Daily Mail:

A Republican woman running for a state government position in Virginia admitted that she had a lesbian encounter with a minor while working as a high school gym teacher.

Linda Wall, 61, said that she is a completely different person from the time when the relationship occurred, and now she consistently speaks out against legislation that she feels promotes homosexual lifestyles.

'Forty years ago I was a different person. I was a heavy pot smoker with... impaired judgement and made some bad choices,' she told a local Associated Press reporter.

In the deposition, she admitted that she resigned from her position as a physical education teacher at Prince George High School near Petersburg, Virginia when the girl's parents confronted her about the relationship.

'I've never tried to hide that I was in homosexuality. If anybody Googles me, they would find that out there,' she said. {bold and italics mine}

Ms. Wall blames marijuana and COLLEGE for her "indiscretion", also known as child abuse and sex with a minor. Again, The Daily Mail:

On her campaign website, Ms Wall attributes her lesbian relationship to the wayward ways of her liberal college teachers.

'When I went away to Longwood College, I allowed liberal professors to destroy my Judeo-Christian upbringing. I guess one could say I became the 'prodigal daughter'. But when my rebellious years came to a close I knew it was the Lord that I needed.' she writes on her campaign website.

Linda Wall is an outspoken opponent of same sex marriage, gay rights and allowing gay families to adopt children, lobbying on behalf of a conservative group called the Family Foundation. Family. Like the family who confronted Ms. Wall after they discovered she was molesting their daughter? Or the families Ms. Wall consistently maligns and lobbies against? Or maybe it's the new family she might make in prison should charges ever be brought against her for child abuse and felony sex with a minor. I bet she could help a lot of women in the penitentiary find Jesus. Rumor has it, that happens quite often in prison.

Ms. Wall considers herself a former lesbian. My question to Ms. Wall is if the only sexual encounter you had with a female was when you molested a child, wouldn't that make you a pedophile? Ms. Wall says she was "in homosexuality". What does that even mean? If Ms. Wall is like most conservative Christians, she believes homosexuality is a choice, and, like Linda Harvey, Bryan Fischer, Mike Huckabee, Tony Perkins and Rick Santorum, equates being gay with molesting children. So, rather than admitting she was a pedophile, she believes she was a lesbian. I don't. I believe Ms. Wall was, and is, a predator. Now, instead of preying on a young girl, she preys on members of the LGBT community, trying to assuage her own guilt by making them the scapegoat for her sin. How very Christian of her.

Thanks to the Daily Mail and Angry Black Lady.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hate is Hate

A 15 year old Ohio student is recovering from a brutal attack that left him with a chipped tooth and possible concussion. The attacker waited for him in a hallway, and when the 15 year old appeared, punched him. The victim tried to get away, but the attacker continued beating him and kicking him. The attacker had posted anti-gay slurs on the victim's Facebook page two days before the incident, and coupled with the vicious physical beating, this assault qualifies as a hate crime under federal law.

The attacker received a THREE DAY SUSPENSION. He was not expelled, he was not arrested, he gets three days off from school. At home, which is most likely where he learned to be a homophobe, a bully and to express himself with his fists and his feet. The Union-Scioto school district does have a "policy" prohibiting harassment based on sex, color, race, religion and disability, but nothing relating to sexual identity. In other words, like most school district's in America, Union-Scioto does not believe bullying, beating or assaulting a gay teenager is against the rules, or against the law. There is a bill lost somewhere in the Ohio legislature, House Bill 208, which would amend the current laws to prohibit bullying, harassment or intimidation based on ANY real or perceived trait.

Let's see. Ohio is run by a TeaPublican who hates gay people. What are the chances that House Bill 208 will ever see the light of day? I'd say about as likely as the attacker in this assault making to 21 without being incarcerated for felony assault. On an up note, as long as he keeps beating the shit out of gay people in Ohio, he'll never spend a day in jail.

This link is to the local news station and includes the cell phone video:

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Washed Up Celebrities Endorse Republicans

When Mike Huckabee was running for president, Chuck Norris of "Walker: Texas Ranger" fame stood behind him, his fake hair gleaming in the stage lights. Janine Turner, the feisty pilot on "Northern Exposure" was a Huckabee supporter, as well. Hulk Hogan recently appeared on "Fox and Friends", pouting about his disappointment in President Obama. Jon Voight, who can only hope to get supporting roles in his daughter's films nowadays, is an outspoken conservative, and has made numerous disparaging remarks about President Obama. Dennis Miller, whose only gig now is appearing on Fox, supported Giuliani. Stephen Baldwin is an evangelical Christian as is Kurt Cameron. In fact, Kurt has appeared in film versions (direct to DVD) of Tim LeHaye's "Left Behind" series and creates videos where he and a friend molest a banana to point out that evolution is impossible.

Let's see. Who supports President Obama? Well, George Clooney, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Oprah Winfrey, just to name a few NOT washed up celebrities. I've always believed that liberals were cooler than conservatives. We're not so hung up on the Bible, we are more open minded, we give to charities other than churches and, quite frankly, we're better looking. Janine Turner used to be really pretty, then she turned to the dark side, and OH MY GOD have you seen her lately. Scary stuff. Stephen Baldwin is now the "ugly Baldwin", and it has a lot to do with the darkness in his soul. Alec Baldwin will always be the hunk, sorry, guys. But Stephen-shudder.

Am I catty and snarky? Hell, yes I am, because as much as holier than thou politicians make me cringe, there is nothing quite so obnoxious as a C-list celebrity thinking what they say matters, or that we want to see them, day in and day out, standing behind someone as hateful as Mike Huckabee, or whining about President Obama. So, to all you C-list celebrities, including Donald "A badger died on my head" Trump, you're not as important as you think you are. And you never will be. Oh, and Gaddafi's DEAD, mother fu**ers! How ya like THAT? Chuck Norris can't kick a can, much less a terrorist's ass. :D

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I Must Be Psychic

I wrote an article for New Progressive Muckraker recently on the Occupy Wall Street protests. I knew it would be controversial, because I don't support them 100%, mostly because they seem so disorganized and filled with unfocused anger. I used my own personal story to illustrate that shit happens, and some people don't fall apart. My dad commented, positively, as did my editor from another site (Politics Anonymous) who feels the same way I do and who has been called very name in the book since she went public with her opinion. What I didn't bother to do, until today, was take a look at the comments on New Progressive Muckraker's Facebook page.

What's funny is that in the article, I say don't hate me because we didn't lose our house and our marriage didn't fall apart. Guess what? That's EXACTLY what happened-hate leveled at me because my husband and I aren't living in our car. Hate because we had money in savings to help us get by. Hate because I dared to suggest that some, not all, of the people protesting everything under the sun might be in their situation because of their own actions. OH MY GOD. You would have thought I was suddenly promoting Glenn Beck as a voice of reason.

Here's a little history lesson: I've been poor. I have a very vivid memory of sitting at a kitchen table in Illinois, sobbing, because I could not pay all the bills and feed my son. I've worked two jobs. I've worked 70-80 hours a week as a retail manager, missing soccer games, parent teacher conferences, first days of school. Oh, and the $20,000 we had in savings when my husband was laid off in 2008? Yeah, that was there because my mom DIED and left me CD's. So, here's a suggestion to all the high horse riders out there who are accusing me of not being a liberal because I don't flipping goosestep-shut up. Just shut up. You have no idea what I have survived, you have no idea what I have had to do just to be alive at this moment, and you have no CLUE why I believe the things I do. My husband called me brave the other night, and he does know what I have survived. He knows who I am, and maybe 20 other people in the world know who I am. The rest of you who throw stones and call me names because I dare to have a differing opinion can go straight to Hell.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New Game!

Remember the game where you take actual movie titles and turn them into porn film titles? You know, "Forrest Gump" becomes "Forrest Hump", etc? Well, given the current crop of Republican candidates' obsession with sex, I thought I would turn THEIR names into porn titles! For your dining and dancing pleasure, I present "TeaPublican Porn".

Marcus and Michele Do Marathon, Iowa

Herman's Cane

Rick's Dirty Little Secret: It's A Frothy Party!

Hairy Perry And The Mexican Maid

Mittens And The Magic Thong

Newt's Patriotic Pole

Gary Likes It Doggy Style

Ron Paul's All White Fisting Party

Now you try!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Chinese Checkers

My mom's favorite game was Chinese Checkers. She taught me how to play, and she taught Josh how to play. As the arthritis got worse, and her hands became more crippled (I hate that word), the marbles were harder and harder to pick up, but she still loved to play with Josh. Since her death, I have not been able to play Chinese Checkers.

Jim beat us both soundly in Monopoly, in record time. Josh was still in "game mode" as he called it, and trotted downstairs to get another game. I was expecting Battleship or Aggravation. He brought up Chinese Checkers. I sat in the living room, unable to breathe for a moment. My voice caught in my throat as I told Jim we would be playing on the carpet. Then I walked into the dining room and began to cry. Jim put his arms around me, and I just let the tears flow. We went back into the living room, where Josh was quietly getting the marbles out of the plastic baggie and placed them on the triangles. He looked up at me, and smiled. I saw my mom in that smile, and I knew this was a good thing, this game.

I won, but only because Josh has forgotten the strategies my mom taught him. I think we'll bring Chinese Checkers out more often, and he can learn again. Next time, I won't cry.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Who Knew?

So, it turns out that my husband thinks I'm brave. I think I'm sort of brave, unless there's a spider in the house, then I am perched on top of the kitchen counter screaming "KILL IT!". But my husband thinks I'm brave. He told me this as I was trying to create a Facebook page for a march on Anoka in a month to protest the school district's "No Homo Promo" rule. I mused aloud that no one really seems to care about this cause anymore except the people directly involved (parents who have buried children, people directly effected by the hate and bigotry rampant in America), but that's okay, because if only he and I show up, I don't have to get a permit. I didn't realize he could hear me. He put his hands on my shoulders and said "You're brave. I love you." That was it. He wants to go with me. He wants to carry a sign and stand up for what's right. This is not a politically active man. He votes, which is more than I can say for a lot of people in this country, but he doesn't like to discuss politics, and a few of my articles did not sit well with him. He's a more moderate Democrat than I. And that's okay. I love him.

I'm brave. I like that.

My Rants and Raves: A Choice

My Rants and Raves: A Choice: Let me ask you a question. If you were faced with the following decision, what would you choose: You're 13 years old. You stand at a fork i...

A Choice

Let me ask you a question. If you were faced with the following decision, what would you choose:

You're 13 years old. You stand at a fork in the road of your life. If you take one path, you will be subjected to ridicule, discrimination, violence and hate. You will never be able to marry the person you love unless you relocate to another state or another country. People will call you names and beat you. If you take the other path, you will be able to get married, have children, shop anywhere you want, live anywhere you want without fear of abuse. You will never be tied to a fence post, or beaten with a bat or forced to lie about who you are.

To those who believe that homosexuality is a choice, look at the two paths a young person is faced with. Do you honestly believe, in your heart, that anyone would choose to be gay? In this day and age, when we should be equal and speak with one voice, we are not equal and we speak in many voices, some louder and more vicious than others. To Herman Cain and Rick Santorum and Michele Bachmann-would YOU choose to be gay? Did you choose to be black, Mr. Cain? Did you choose to be a woman, Ms. Bachmann? Mr. Santorum, did you choose to be male? No, and neither do members of the LGBT community. You speak about gay people as if they are broken and need to be repaired, when in fact, you are the ones who are broken. Your hearts are dead and cold, and your voices are shrill and filled with hate.

I am ashamed of the Americans who continue to hate and malign members of the LGBT community. I am angry that Mr. Santorum defends gay Iranians, but continues his relentless assault on gay Americans. I am outraged that Mr. Cain believes that homosexuality is a choice. I am saddened and wearied by Ms. Bachmann's husband's "reparative" therapy and by Ms. Bachmann's refusal to address the "suicide contagion area" in her own district. I am fed up.

I am one of those people who can be motivated by anger to do things that stir the pot. In the next week, I will create a Facebook page for "Anoka No Homo Promo No More". My hope is that people who have been motivated by Occupy Wall Street would be willing to take that energy and devote it to making a stand in Anoka, Minnesota. Children are dying, children are terrified and there is one person in Anoka willing to help them, willing to put his very career in jeopardy to try and save gay and questioning teens. Jefferson Fietek is a hero of mine, simply because in the face of rabid hatred and sanctioned ignorance, he stands up each day and says "No, I will not yield".

No more hand wringing, no more crying alone at my desk. Join me, join others who understand that we are losing children to bullycide, to hate and bigotry and that if we simply sit back and sigh, they will continue to die. Want to really change the world? Help save lives by making a stand with us in Anoka, Minnesota.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Nickname Game!

So, I have come up with a fun party game: The Nickname Game. You take a TeaPublican presidential candidate (and Huntsman) and make up a nickname that gives the candidate a new middle name! Here are a few ideas to get get you started:

Herman "The Only Black Guy In America" Cain
Michele "Blackout Barbie" Bachmann
Mitt "Wonder Bread" Romney
Ron "Precious" Paul
Rick "Don't You F-ing Google Me" Santorum (do it)
Rick "Yeehah I'm Scary" Perry
John "Jesus H. Christ, how crazy do you have to BE" Huntsman
Gary "I got a dog that makes poopy" Johnson
Newt "Patriotic Penis" Gingrich

See! It's fun, and educational! Next time, we'll turn the last names of the TeaPublicans into porn film titles!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Unraveling Of An Herbal Tea Bagger

Ever have one piece of yarn sticking out on a sweater? And you think, I'll pull it really fast and the whole arm falls off? That can happen to people, as well. Last night, a friend of mine posted an email address where people could send condolence messages to Apple, expressing their thoughts on the passing of Steve Jobs. There were a few people on the thread, just reminiscing and chatting, when BOOM, a woman began ranting about Mr. Jobs's 8.3 BILLION dollar fortune and if he left it to the slaves he employed in China. Remember-we had just heard that Steve Jobs had passed after a long bout with cancer. My friend tried, unsuccessfully, to quell her rage and tirade, as did others, to no avail. The rant continued, growing LOUDER and more forceful with each post. She began insulting people, calling us closet conservatives and comparing Steve Jobs to the Koch brothers. My friend asked her what type of computer she was using, and she sanctimoniously typed (I swear to God you could feel it through the screen) "Dell", at which point my friend proceeded to quickly tear her apart. I wrote that if she in fact only purchased electronics with diodes and parts made in America, she must have the only cell phone made by Zenith.

It was at this point that she called me a "parrot". Yeah, that went over well. I responded with a less than tactful "Oh never mind, my mother told me you can't fight tacky". She ignored that. Another person on the thread posted this link:

and we thought that would be the end. We were really wrong. This woman, who presumably has some semblance of intelligence, held up NEW BALANCE as the moral beacon for corporations. The same New Balance that donated half a million dollars to none other than Mitt Romney! When I posted a link to the information, she pasted the definition of "hypocrite" from an online dictionary. At which point, I went bat shit insane. See, this person and I used to be Facebook friends until she became an Herbal Tea Bagger. She lost her flipping mind is a more accurate way to put it, and I cut her down. I wrote that she had gone nuts months ago, and she can call me all the names she wants, but when I prove that her holy New Balance supports a Republican candidate and she calls ME a hypocrite, she is projecting. Then I suggested she block me so I didn't have to read her insanity any longer. The last thing I saw from her before I blocked HER was her calling all of us perfect conservatives.

Warning-they're out there. Herbal Tea Baggers, masquerading as liberals, with belief systems that mirror people like Ron Paul. And like the actual teabaggers, when confronted with facts that render their argument moot, they call you names and insult you. These are not stable people, they are lost and they do not want to be found, they are blind and they do not want to see. And they do not come with a "Warning!" sign. Stay frosty.